Hawaii Kukui Nut Lei Brown 36" Necklace

  • $9.99
  • Save $15

  • Genuine natural Kukui nuts necklace
  • Hand printed Hawaii sea turtle
  • Length of 36" long from open end to end

About Kukui Nuts:

The Kukui nut tree is Hawaii's State tree. During the Hawaii monarchy era, Kukui nut necklaces were worn by royalty. These statement necklaces come in various colors such as black, brown, cream, yellow and even marble. The colors are developed during the different stages of the nut growth. When young, they have a light cream or yellow color and as they mature turn into marble, brown or blacks. Due to their natural growth the nuts vary in size. When the artisan’s desired color is reached, they pick them off the tree as the color at this stage is permanent and will not change. Then the artisans finish and polish the nuts that will last for many years. To keep the luster of this beautiful seed, it can be massaged with light baby oil or cocoa butter until the luster is restored.  These necklaces are a natural choice for both men and women in formal events.