Artisan Crafted Green Turquoise Stone 7.5" Bracelet

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Green turquoise is highly sought after by jewelers and collectors worldwide. Since the 90’s, the mining for green turquoise has drastically slowed down due to depleting sources. Today, many buy it an investment. Green turquoise is thought to possess all the same metaphysical properties as other turquoise varieties. It was especially popular among Native Americans. Some believe that turquoise possesses protective properties. The ancient Tibetans believed that turquoise carried strong healing powers. In Chinese feng shui, turquoise is believed to carry the energy of water. For those who follow Western astrology, it is the stone of Sagittarius. For modern birthstone followers, turquoise is often worn as a traditional birthstone for December.

Approximate Measure: 7.5" (Lying Flat) / Flower: 3" x 3"